How to Build Best-in-Class Customer Experience in Energy Drinks Industry

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The global energy drinks market was valued at $68.1 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow to $98.8 billion by 2032 at a CAGR of 7.0%. And the US energy drink market was valued at $14.30 billion in 2020 and projected to grow to $21.01 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 6.87%.

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The analysis is based on customer reviews and conversations online in the segment. The analysis results presented are completely unbiased and not based on any subjective judgment. The source data used for the analysis are user conversations available publicly online like public forums and social media.

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Executive Summary - Build The Best-in-Class Customer Experience in Energy Drinks Industry

Researchers found that one-third of people deal with the lack of energy in the US by consuming nutrients and energy-boosting food and beverages. Especially children and adolescents are depending on burgeoning energy drinks to get an instant energy boost. With different flavors, bottles, cans, exciting names, zero sugar or caffeine-free, etc., these drinks have become a must-have drink in many people’s daily lives.

Many customer experience moments, situations, and trends are coming up in the energy drinks industry as per changing customer preferences. Some moments and scenarios are apparent, and some are unexpected. Watch the video for a detailed analysis of customer experience insights, moments, and trends in the energy drinks industry.



The Growing Energy Drinks Industry

There has been a notable increase in the sales and consumption of energy drinks in the last two decades, especially among children and adults. Because these drinks are aggressively marketed by claiming instant energy increase. As a result, the energy drink industry witnessed a lofty increase of 26% in sales from 2017 to 2021.

Growing Energy Drinks Industry

                                                                                 (Source: Statista: Energy drink sales in the United States from 2017 to 2021)     (Source: Clootrack Energy Drinks CX Tracker)

When customer consumption increases, the customer review will also increase. As per the Clootrack study, the customer review volume of energy drinks has seen a 36% increase in customer reviews from 2020 to 2022.customer reviews on energy drinks

(Source: Clootrack Energy Drinks CX Tracker)

What Are the Top Category Drivers of Energy Drinks?

Even though the primary reason customers choose energy drinks is to boost energy, people don’t prefer them if it doesn’t have good taste. People even identify a drink with its flavor. Hence, Taste and Flavor is the first category driver influencing customers’ experience with energy drinks. Below are the top 5 drivers based on popularity scores.

Top Category Drivers of Energy Drinks

(Note - The scores are driver popularity scores calculated by Clootrack Tracker. The popularity score ranks the customer priority for each category driver. Higher the score, the higher the priority. Popularity score is a score out of 1500. Popularity score = Net emotional intensity * % of customer conversations. This calculation is based on the Kano Model which is used to measure customer satisfaction.)

There is no doubt that energy boosting is a central aspect of energy drinks. But surprisingly, it comes in 5th position, but still a delightful aspect in customer experience. People are more concerned about Taste and Flavor, Price, Sugar Content, and Usage than Energy Boosting. If we dig a little deeper into Taste and Flavor, customers stated ‘taste good,’ ‘best flavor,’ ‘good taste,’ etc., about their experience with energy drinks.

(Source: Clootrack Energy Drinks CX Tracker)

What Are the Top Concerns of Energy Drink Customers?

Unavailability and excess amounts of chemicals and additives are the aspects that cause more negativity in the customer experience.

Top Concerns of Energy Drink Customers

Customers’ Concerns Around Unavailability of Energy Drinks

The negative trend around unavailability is growing ever since 2021.

Customers’ Concerns Around Unavailability of Energy Drinks

(Source: Clootrack Energy Drinks CX Tracker)

There are mainly two reasons: they can’t find the desired energy drink brand in the nearest grocery stores, and another reason is the products have become out of stock in their local supermarket or nearest convenience store.

Covid 19 pandemic has had a significant influence on this unavailability issue. The supply chains paused their activities, transportation issues and reduced staffing can be the main reasons for this because brands can’t always take complete control over the supply chain even though there is continuity in production.

Therefore, brands need to focus on the availability of their products in local stores in various locations, including remote areas. Also, try to take control of the supply chain and ensure the continuous supply of products from warehouses to retail stores.

Check what customers say -

“the thing is, you may not be able to find this product at your local supermarkets since all markets don't yet sell it.”

“We love this brand. Unfortunately, the grocery stores in our area do not carry the lemon lime flavor so we order from ecommerce.”

“Can't find this product anywhere in my local area and was buying at the workplace a while ago”

Customer Concerns Around Chemical and Additives

The content of artificial sweeteners and additives, and the flavor of chemicals are among the main concerns of customers. And the problems relatively incremented from 2020 to 2022. The strong taste or the feeling of artificial flavor makes customers dislike these energy boosters.

Customers’ Concerns Around Chemical and Additives

(Source: Clootrack Energy Drinks CX Tracker)

Since customers are becoming health conscious, they are looking for sugar alternatives and organic substitutes for artificial sweeteners. It’s the right time for brands to find the best alternatives that attract more consumers.

Check what customers say -

“I bought the ginger ale soda and it had a strong chemical taste it was disgusting and will never buy it again...nor would recommend it. Very disappointed.”

“I was excited about this with all of the good reviews, but I am left again with no alternatives to the real thing that don't contain artificial sweeteners. VERY DISAPPOINTED.”

“What is worse though is this one has a strong chemical sweetener aftertaste. Wife disliked it as well, not something I would buy again.”

Top Energy Drink Brands and Their Brand Experience

Top Energy Drink Brands and Their Brand Experience

(Source: Clootrack Energy Drinks CX Tracker)

Check the top energy drink brands and the volume of customer reviews they received. Gatorade gathered the highest number of reviews compared to its rivals, while ZOA and EHP Labs received the lowest review volume.

Top Energy Drink Brands and Their Brand Experience

(Source: Clootrack Energy Drinks CX Tracker)

When we check these brands across the top 2 category drivers, EHP Labs, Crystal Light, and V8 are ranked high by customers in the taste and flavor driver.

V8 and Rockstar brands ranked on top by customers in terms of price.

To stay ahead of the competition, each brand should understand the changing customer preferences and adapt to the changes in the key drivers and other vital factors. Significantly, the priorities can change over time when it comes to taste and flavor. Brands need to track those trends and make the changes accordingly.

What Are the Trending Types of Energy Drinks?

Trending Types of Energy Drinks(Source: Clootrack Energy Drinks CX Tracker)

When you check the customer review volume, it is very evident that many customers consume drinks that are caffeine-free and sugarless. Since the world moves faster, customers choose energy booster drinks to boost their energy, and they like to take less caffeine and sugar, considering their health.

Also, many new lifestyles and diets like vegan, plant-based, keto, Mediterranean diet, etc., are widely adopted by people these days. Hence, they look for organic, vegan, sugar-free, and low-calorie drinks.

If brands focus on new rising trends and introduce various versions of these types of drinks, more customers will be captivated by brands.

What Are the Top 10 Flavors of Energy Drinks?

We may think orange or cola is the most selling flavor. But no, surprisingly unflavored energy drinks are the all-time most preferred energy drinks as per customer reviews!

Top 10 Flavors of Energy Drinks(Source: Clootrack Energy Drinks CX Tracker)

Furthermore, the multi-flavor has become a rising trend in the past couple of years. Customers like to explore new mixed flavors with exciting names like Peach-Nectarine, Irish Blend, Tea & Lemonade, etc. Other preferred flavors are strawberry, cherry, original, mango, orange, cola, caffeine, and watermelon. Brands can introduce new flavors like a blend of multiple flavors, which will get acceptance from the customers since they are always excited to try new.

Is There a Gender Imbalance in Customer Experience of Energy Drinks?

Yes, there is. It seems energy drinks are targeted more at male customers; thereby, more energy drink customers are male as per the customer review volume. Across the years 2020 - 2022, more reviews are received from male customers than from female customers.

Gender Imbalance in Customer Experience of Energy Drinks

(Source: Clootrack Energy Drinks CX Tracker)

Negative and Positive Customer Experience across Gender

Negative and Positive Customer Experience across Gender

(Source: Clootrack Energy Drinks CX Tracker)

Compared to females, male customers reported more concern about sugar content, size, and caffeine content. More female customers face issues around the availability of products than men. User experience, delivery and shipping, and energy boost are the main aspects that gathered more positivity from female and male customers.


Customers like an energy drink if and only if they like the taste and flavor of the drink, even if it can boost their energy quickly. Also, as lifestyle and health conditions change over time, people expect healthy and sugar-free drinks from brands.

Hence understand what type of drink they prefer and what flavor they want, and make the changes in your products accordingly to keep your customers satisfied every day with the changing trends.

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