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Understand the WHY behind Customer
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AI-driven superfast qualitative insights

The robust AI engine crafted for enterprises and high-stake decision-makers.

60 Billion+

Customer conversations analyzed

1 Million+

Data insights extracted


Enterprise customers

Our data-backed insights drive

Quality customer acquisitions
Better new product development
Successful new market entry
Reduced churn
Minimize e-commerce returns
Faster upsell
Effective communication
Triumphant strategic investments

Your data is safe with us!

At Clootrack we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We only collect and retain as much information as needed for specific, identified purposes. We will not use it in any way that is incompatible with those purposes.

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Clootrack is unique
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Comprehensive data integration

Seamlessly integrates data from internal and online sources, capturing every customer's digital interactions.

Automated-Noise -Elimination

Automated noise elimination

Ensures the highest quality of data by automatically filtering out irrelevant information.

Unbiased-and-Detailed -Analysis

Unbiased and detailed analysis

Our platform offers objective and actionable insights through an advanced, patented AI-driven unsupervised analysis.

Customizable with Full-Time  Support

Customizable with full-time support

Fully adaptable to your specific business goals and is backed by continuous support.

Multimodal Data Support

Multimodal data support

Supports text and voice data in 55+ languages. 93%+ accuracy with actionable granularity.

7.5X Faster Qualitative Insights
7.5X Faster Qualitative Insights
Cut Churn By 35%
Cut Churn
By 35%
Save Over 528 Hours Monthly
Save Over 528
Hours Monthly
Achieve A 38X+ ROI
Achieve A
38X + ROI

Meet our leaders

Shameel Abdulla
Shameel Abdulla
Subbakrishna Rao
Subbakrishna Rao
Jickson P
Jickson P
VP Engineering
Manuel Oothria Raj
Manuel Oothria Raj
Chief Growth Officer
Anand Raj
Anand Raj
Vice President of Technology
Dileep K
Dileep K
VP Global Delivery
Gaurav Modi
Gaurav Modi
Lead Product Manager
Rubin Hanzel
Rubin Hanzel
Lead Data Science
Sonam Thorat
Human Resources Manager

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Design remarkable experiences

Clootrack transforms how you analyze and understand customer experiences in real time.