The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has left no corner of the world untouched, and the retail industry was no exception. During the onset of the pandemic, retail businesses were forced to pivot their operations in response to the unprecedented circumstances quickly. And now, a few changes have been adopted permanently by the customers. 

Further, due to a sudden shift in consumer behavior and habits, retailers also had to adapt to this new reality. The pandemic has also brought new challenges, which have resulted in a variety of new protocols and procedures. The retail industry has rapidly evolved, and taking care of customer experience is crucial in all conditions for a business to survive and thrive.

Here is a comprehensive case study on how a top grocery delivery brand got actionable insights from Clootrack, a robust CX analytics platform to adapt to shifting customer habits.

Case Study Background

The popular grocery delivery business, Brand X, receives customer feedback from various channels, such as social media, app store reviews, complaint boards, and similar customer data sources. 

What Was The Problem Statement of the Grocery Retailer

The shift due to the pandemic was sudden, and the brand witnessed the change in multiple aspects, like the number and type of orders during Covid. And because of this condition, Brand X faced the following challenges:-

1) The changes were continuously evolving. The brand was unable to figure out the priorities of customers during that period.

2) From marketing to product, all earlier strategies that Brand X followed became ineffective due to changes in marketing trends. The brand wanted to understand the market practices in detail and adapt faster to the transforming situations.

How Clootrack Helped the Grocery Delivery Brand?

Here is the 4-step process through which Cloorack helped Brand X to overcome the above challenges:- 

Case study

Step 1: Gathered Customer Conversations

Firstly, Clootrack collected customer feedback and reviews from different platforms in this category. The consumer data was gathered from online comments, social media platforms, service and app store reviews, and other sources for analysis.  

Step 2: Analyzed Customer Data

In the second step, Clootrack analyzed the customer data using various techniques to extract meaningful insights. The platform uses data analytics techniques such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing to identify patterns and trends in the data. 

Step 3: Identified Key Drivers 

Clootrack pinpointed the main drivers of adoption, trends, and patterns before and after Covid. It provided visualization dashboards to help Brand X better comprehend the data and identify areas for improvement. 

With actionable insights that Clootrack generated, Brand X understood the dynamics of the before and after Covid onset situation and had a broader view of customer behavior and preferences that shifted dramatically during the pandemic.

Step 4: Brand Equity  

In the final step, Clootrack identified the brand equity of existing players, which included Brand X and its competitors. The platform specified the brand position with respect to its competition for specific customer drivers. After getting the analytics report, extra efforts were made by Brand X to work on areas they were lagging in due to the effects of the pandemic. 

Data For This Case Study

The total number of customer conversations analyzed for this study was 64,195.

Clootrack collected and interpreted customer data from multiple online sources, such as blog comments, service reviews, social media, app store, and so on, to generate valuable insights that help Brand X overcome the challenges. 

How did Customer Priorities Change Across Periods?

Clootrack study showcased the following key drivers before and after Covid onset:-

Before Covid-19 

  1. Food Quality
  2. Customer Experience
  3. Customer Care
  4. Refunds
  5. Timely Delivery

After Covid-19

  1. Customer Care & Service
  2. Order Cancellation & Refund
  3. Delivery Charges
  4. Delivery Timeline
  5. App User Experience  

As seen in the above image, before Covid-19 food quality was the top priority. However, during the lockdown period, the focus was on Customer Care & Service. In Customer Service customers stressed the need for  Proper Support and Timely Delivery. Also, note that Food Quality does not appear in any of the top priorities during the Lockdown.

Three of the top 5 priorities during lockdown are “Customer Care & Service”, “Order Cancellation & Refund” and “Delivery Timeline” showing customers' high concern. High-level “Customer Experience” is no longer an expectation. This can be driven by the need for having stock primarily during uncertain times.

Several orders have been canceled due to high demand during the lockdown. Customers are concerned about this and the corresponding refunds. While many understand why the order is canceled, post-cancellation experience on refunds is a high priority.

Delivery Charges were not a matter of major concern prior Covid. However, it has emerged as a customer priority area during the lockdown. This can also be due to new customers finding the charges high. The following are the concerns customers highlighted under Delivery charges.

Before Covid “Delivery Timeline” was always around how quick the delivery was. However, due to the lockdown, customers were fine with getting a time slot and knowing the delivery time in advance.

During the Lockdown period, App User Experience also became a key priority. This again can be attributed to the new set of users who are unfamiliar with using the app.

This way Clootrack got various aspects covered before and during Covid, helping Brand X understand the shift in consumer behavior and demands during uncertain times.

Clootrack Identified the Changes in Brand Equity Over Time

Analysis by Clootrack determined the change in brand equity before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

2 Case study

As seen in the image, the client brand was in the top 3 across top category drivers before Covid, but during the pandemic, the brand's performance was impacted negatively. During the lockdown period, the brand lagged behind in customer care & service, order cancellation & refund. But, it excelled in app-user experience, which was a new driver. 

Impact Clootrack’s Analysis Brought on the Grocery Business

Before Clootrack's analysis, the grocery delivery brand was focusing greatly on the issues that were difficult to address during the pandemic, such as stock availability, which was hindered by external factors like Lockdown. 

As Brand X turned towards Clootrack to comprehend the situation in-depth, the platform exposed significant insights for Brand X to optimize their operations to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Brand X started taking action on easily achievable key priorities that could make a great impact in a shorter period.

Clootrack played a critical role in helping the retailer adapt to the changing landscape. With the help of this analytics platform, Brand X:-

  • Took additional measures to improve customer care and support with the assistance of tools and staff during the new work-from-home period.
  • Put efforts into making the refund process fast. Also, the brand improved communication and set dedicated customer support for the refund process and related queries. 

With Clootrack's analytics report, the grocery delivery brand identified pain points in the customer journey, bringing changes in its operations to address the issues to gain a top position in its niche market. 

Advantages of Using Clootrack - A Robust Customer Experience Analytics Platform

As mentioned, Clootrack is a robust customer experience analytics platform that nourishes your business with a deeper level of understanding of customer perception and assists you in making data-driven decisions that lead to better business outcomes. 

Here are some more reasons why you must opt for Clootrack to uplift customer experience and revamp customer-related operations:- 

1) Clootrack analyzes billions of customer reviews and provides insights in 7 working days. With reliable reports in a short time span, your brand can take super-effective actions quickly. 

2) Insights are generated from original verbatim by customers, making them an authentic source of knowledge to rely upon to make critical business decisions.

3) Clootrack has a team of trained data scientists who readily deliver on-demand support and generate highly trustworthy outputs. 

4) The insights reports from Clootrack deliver your business with unbiased conclusions with 90%+ accuracy on various themes and sentiments.

5) Clootrack supports 55+ languages for analysis across the globe, making it convenient for clients to operate in preferred languages.

6) The seamless data integration power of Clootrack allows it to generate more precise and deep outputs. The platform has the ability to crawl data from external sources and integrate enterprise data.

7) Clootrack presents consumable insights in the form of easily accessible and understandable dashboards that provide granular qualitative information you intend to view. 

Eventually, Clootrack is a vital go-to platform for businesses looking to become a leader in their respective industries and deliver exceptional customer experiences to build stronger customer relationships and drive business growth.

To Wrap Up

Clootrack is a powerful tool that analyzes customer data and provides insights into customer trends and patterns for retailers. With the proliferation of online shopping, consumers have come to expect a highly personalized and seamless shopping experience. By analyzing data from various sources, such as sales transactions, social media interactions, and customer surveys, retailers gain a clear and complete picture of their customer's behavior, preferences, and needs. 

With the help of Clootrack, any retailer can stay competitive in an increasingly data-driven marketplace. Retailers can use the insights generated to identify opportunities for growth and innovation, such as new product offerings or improved customer engagement strategies. Overall, Clootrack helps brands navigate the uncertain waters of customer expectations and adjust business strategies to meet the changing needs of their customers and improve customer experience.

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