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A multi-clinic oral surgery care (Brand X) was facing competition from big brand competitors and independent clinics across the country. The brand wanted to become a leader in its space, and for that, it desired to deliver a great customer experience and differentiate itself across all regions.

Major obstacles

case study - major obstacles

Before discovering Clootrack, Brand X faced several major obstacles. It struggled to consistently access region-level experience factors from headquarters and encountered difficulties understanding brand health and competitive positioning through customer feedback. The NPS scores at clinics failed to provide comprehensive insights into customer satisfaction.

The traditional surveys were ineffective at identifying competitors' strengths and weaknesses at scale. Additionally, the time-consuming and expensive nature of qualitative research hindered the ability to gather valuable market insights. Recognizing the rapid evolution of market trends, Brand X realized the need for a more agile and cost-effective research solution to stay competitive and informed.

Rewarding solution

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To address its challenges, Brand X turned to Clootrack for real-time consumer insights, capturing target audience sentiments. For the oral surgery care brand, Clootrack gathered hyperlocal customer conversations from clinics, online sources like Yelp and Google, and major competitors. It also ingested NPS survey open ends. The platform pre-processed and cleaned this data to remove noise and irrelevant content. Through detailed analysis, Clootrack identified key customer experience factors and their levels across regions and examined the strengths and weaknesses of competitors at a clinic level.

Promising result

Clootrack helped Brand X to gain valuable customer insights in real-time, allowing it to thoroughly understand and act on findings that further improved its brand performance.

Here are some major impacts the Clootrack platform brought to Brand X’s business:

  • Identified critical strengths and weaknesses of the brand for strategic enhancement.

  • Acquired specific insights at both regional and clinic levels to drive targeted actions.

  • Effortlessly traced back to verbatim data to engage stakeholders effectively and prioritize actions.

  • Launched experience and marketing initiatives with confidence based on robust insights.

  • Realized an impressive 82% reduction in costs and 74% in research time, enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Achieved noticeable NPS improvement within just 3 months of implementing solutions and increase in footfall.

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