Customer Perception Case Study 

Customer Perception Case Study

Case study of online jewelry brands. 

All online jewellery brands perform pretty well in terms of getting the basics right, delivering great designs, and customer service. But how can an online jewellery brand differentiate and establish itself as a strong brand with positive customer perceptions?

Clootrack, using artificial intelligence, performed a deep dive on social media conversations. The analysis is based on customer reviews and conversations online in the segment. The analysis results presented are completely unbiased and not based on any subjective judgement. The source data used for the analysis are user conversations available publicly online like public forums and social media. 

Clootrack went beyond just social platforms to track discussions – online forums, social media groups, internal data such as customer care tickets, chatbot extracts, emails, and any other internal maintained forums. And all this is to understand customer perception – what your customers and prospects think of your brand – to analyze the perception drivers for online jewellery brands. 

Based on feedback from 20,883 online consumer conversations, Clootrack analyzed 6 online jewelry brands and listed top 5 customer perception drivers. 

What Is Customer Perception and Why is it important?

Based on online consumer conversations, Clootrack was able to list top 5 customer perception drivers:

Top 5 customer perception drivers:

1. Trust: 

Ensure to maintain transparency by disclosing quality specifications and genuineness of gold jewellery which goes a long way in building greater trust with customers.

2. Range:

Online jewellery should offer a wide range of jewellery, designer range, matching range, custom design, unique design, and imitation range. They have to target various sections of society, such as young working women, and urban women as well. The online stores should put up the latest and newest range of styles to attract customers.

3. Pricing: 

Customers expect to see price break-ups on the website – the price of the gold used in the product, the price of the stones and gems used, the making charges, wastage charges, and any other charges included in the product. This will build goodwill and trust among online customers. This pricing factor can make your brand stand out when compared to others who do not offer such pricing details. Jewellery should be offered at good pricing, affordable pricing, and at a price that fits into the consumer’s wallet.

4. Delivery options:

Understanding delivery and the management of delivery is a defining pillar of customer perception. Online jewellery stores should offer on-time delivery, safe delivery, undamaged delivery, proper packaging, and insured delivery of their products to customers. 

5. Returns: 

If an online jewellery store does not have an easy and good return policy, it is sure to turn off customers.  Make sure to have the return policy clearly written and easy to find on the website. Shoppers should find it easily on the homepage or on product pages. Also, ensure to have an appealing return policy that benefits the customers. 

The above customer perception drivers extracted from a detailed consumer conversation analysis will give the Brand Managers and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) the much-needed direction for all their brand strategy and marketing activities. 

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