Blackberry: 3 Interesting Perception Drivers Based on Social Intelligence

October 2018

Brand Perception Analysis Blackberry

Region – UAE

The smartphone market in the UAE is forecast to reach USD 9.32 billion in 2019. Mobile users are switching to smartphones with high-end features. The report includes consumer conversation analysis that sheds light on the features that is making the consumers most happy about in their smart phones. Besides, the report also identifies and analyzes the emerging trends and opportunities available in the blackberry market in the UAE.

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The analysis is based on customer reviews and conversations online in the segment. The analysis results presented are completely unbiased and not based on any subjective judgement. The source data used for the analysis are user conversations available publicly online like public forums and social media.


Total number of customer conversations analyzed


3 Interesting Customer Perception Drivers

Leading companies such as The Coca-Cola Company and Barclays, have constantly improved its existing products and focused on developing new products using consumer insights. The Coca-Cola Company aligns its corporate strategy of ‘refreshing everyone who is touched by our business’,  by gathering consumer insights. It conducts consumer analysis to identify the consumer preferences and expectations. Similarly, Barclays conducted customer analysis to gather consumer insights thereby enabling to better understand the needs of their target market.  

Consumer insights has emerged as an important tool to understand your customers. By looking into consumer psychology and the forces behind customer buying behavior, companies can craft new products, marketing campaigns and  increase profitability. Companies should talk to consumers, watch out for frustrations, and most importantly, identify their needs and expectations!   

What is Customer Perception?

Perception is an awareness or an understanding of a particular thing. Consumer perception plays a vital role in the consumer behavior thereby affecting the demand for a product. Hence it becomes key to understand the attitude that influences consumer behavior. The entire process of customer perception starts when a consumer sees or gets information about a particular product. This process continues until the consumer starts to build an opinion about the product. Everything that a company does will affect customer perception. The way the products are positioned in a retail store, the colors, and shapes in your logo, the advertisements that you create, the discounts that you offer, everything impacts the customer perception. 

Clootrack analyzed 3,620 online consumer conversations of blackberry customers. The analysis shed light on customer perception and emerging trends in the blackberry market. We found that customers are delighted with the Blackberry when they said – “Old Blackberry is back, love the phone”.  

Based on consumer conversations, Clootrack has identified top 3 features that customers like the most in blackberry, and are making them extremely happy: 

1. QWERTY Key Board

There’s something good about using a smartphone with a physical keyboard, isn’t it? Customers love the QWERTY keyboard phones that are sporting full keyboards which are made by Blackberry. Customers seem to be delighted to use the soft click of a key under the finger instead of a touchscreen. Customers using Blackberry Say they “Love the keyboard”

2. Battery Life

Customers of Blackberry are happy since their phone battery last longer during a long-haul trip or when they want to call home after a long day. BlackBerry has made its customers very happy due to the higher battery life that lasts for a longer duration. This allows customers to hit up on their favorite websites and browse social media to their heart’s content, without worrying about the battery running low.

3. Camera

Most of the smartphone makers claim that the cameras on their mobile devices are as good as professional cameras. Blackberry customers are happy to see increasingly more powerful and quality cameras which are simple yet easy to be used by the average user. Customers are particularly happy about the camera that can be extensively used for office purposes.

Top 3 Emerging Trends

Smartphones are coming up with features that could have only be dreamt of in the past. But there are still many features that are yet to be seen. Features that will improve the experience for Blackberry users are emerging at  fast pace. In this note, let’s take a look at some of the emerging trends that could drive the Blackberry business in coming years: 

Top 1: Encrypted Phones

Encrypted phone means that every time you switch on your phone, you’ll need a password to decrypt the device. An encrypted device offers higher security than an unencrypted one.

Customers are looking out for more secure smart phones since their emails, photos, access to social media sites, bank and credit card accounts and above all their digital identity is stored on smart phones.

Hence there is an emerging trend among consumers where they are asking phone makers to offer encrypted devices where it becomes difficult for others to gain access to their data.

Top 2: Phones With Voice Activated Apps

Constant growth of voice search has been an emerging trend as predicted by market researchers. There is an increased demand for phones with voice activated apps especially from customers who do not want to depend on a touchscreen to communicate with their smartphone.

Voice-recognition software is gaining greater momentum in current days. It is all due to the fact that smartphone platforms will offer better voice recognition abilities in future.

Top 3: Multi-language Physical Keyboards

When customers are looking for keyboards with multiple languages, sometimes the keyboard app that comes with the phone just doesn’t cut it. This can put off your customers to a great extent. Hence the next big emerging trend in phones is to have multi-language physical keyboards.

Physical Multilingual keyboard that can accommodate combined character-sets for multiple language groups on a single keyboard layout using multi-function enabled keyboard driver is the emerging trend in phone makers. The phone will accommodate additional spaces for alphabets from any combination of languages. Phone users need not have to switch keyboard layout from one language to another during regular typing.

Detailed Report

Social media intelligence is gaining popularity as brands are able to make strategic decisions based on insights derived from social media. Merely collecting or reporting on social media data is not true intelligence. It only becomes social intelligence when there is something derived from social media data or when actionable insights are extracted from the data. Social media intelligence can be used by brands to turn social media and other online customer data into helpful insights. To know other interesting insights derived from social intelligence, you can download the pdf version of the complete report for free.

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