Consulting firm reduced pitch preparation time by 35% using Clootrack platform



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As a prominent global consulting firm, X regularly pitches to top consumer brands, achieving conversion rates of approximately 12-15%. X has been at the forefront of providing strategic consultancy services to renowned brands.

In response to the evolving industry landscape, brands now prefer project-focused pitches over long-term retainerships, necessitating a frequent cycle of pitching engagements throughout the year. This shift in pitching dynamics underscored the firm's need to adapt and innovate its approach to secure projects and deliver tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of clients in the competitive market environment.

Major obstacles

case study - major obstacles

Before discovering Clootrack, consulting firm X faced several critical issues. Each pitch demanded 200-300 man hours, posing significant resource and time management challenges. The urgent nature of pitch requirements created a high-pressure environment, straining resources and requiring rapid team mobilization. Additionally, client expectations shifted towards impactful and actionable insights, making the need for substantive, strategic pitch content crucial over superficial details like company ethos.

Rewarding solution

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To tackle its challenges, consulting firm X turned to Clootrack, a platform that accelerates qualitative research by 10X, saving over 300 hours in pitch preparation. Clootrack gathered customer conversations from online channels like e-commerce sites, social media, and blog comments regarding the category and brand of interest. This data was analyzed to identify key market trends and drivers.

Clootrack provided X with unbiased customer insights rapidly, detailing key priorities. These AI-powered insights enabled X to come up with data-driven, convincing ideas. Additionally, brand equity analysis highlighted the client's strengths and weaknesses, enhancing the impact of X's pitches.

Promising result

Clootrack’s detailed report helped X optimize its pitch process for major consumer brands, improving efficiency and increasing conversion rates for pitches.

Here are some major impacts the Clootrack platform and insights generated from it brought to the consulting firm X’s business:

  • The consultancy firm pitched strategies to overcome the low brand equity of the client.

  • The consultancy firm pitched ideas to highlight brand strength.

  • All ideas had data backing, which the client brand could verify from verbatims.

  • Differentiated pitch vis-a-vis from competitors, leading to a successful contract

  • Reduced Pitch Preparation Time

    Time for pitch preparation by the consultancy was reduced by 35%!

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