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A private equity firm, X, with investments across Asia, Australia, and Europe, identified an opportunity in the fintech space in the region. The opportunity competes with traditional personal loans. X wanted to evaluate the main differentiators that make the target asset stand out and give it an edge in the market.

Major obstacles

case study - major obstacles

Before discovering Clootrack, X faced several critical issues. The company had limited time for decision-making, creating urgency and pressure. The available data, such as sales reports, financial statements, industry reports, and employee reports, didn't provide insights into customer views on the brand and competition. Traditional surveys take time and don't reveal trends over time. Additionally, their attempts at scraping and analyzing data from multiple sources were error-prone and yielded low accuracy due to unreliable keyword-based methods.

Rewarding solution

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To address its challenges, X turned to Clootrack, which provided real-time consumer insights to understand current trends and CX priorities. Clootrack collected online customer conversations on the personal loan category and major competitors in the region and analyzed that data. This analysis revealed the primary factors influencing adoption rates and emerging trends within the market.

The factors around the easiness of availing loans came up as the top driver. Additionally, Clootrack examined brand equity and reputation among competitors for X, identifying a clear opportunity due to the absence of a market leader in various drivers.

Promising result

Clootrack helped PE firm X gain valuable real-time customer insights, saving 188+ hours of time and allowing it to thoroughly understand and act on findings that improved the brand performance.

Here are some major findings that the Clootrack platform disclosed, which further allowed the firm to enhance its customer experience:


Personal loans, which are disbursed fast with minimum documentation, are preferred by customers.


Interest rates though important, come lesser in order vis a vis easiness of availing loan.


Though traditional banks have long been in the personal loan space, there is no clear leader in the category.


The opportunity at hand met several of the above customer expectations and hence had a good upside.

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