In today's tech-savvy world, customer experience is nothing without CX analytics. Customer Experience Analytics is the backbone of your CX tech operations. Understanding and executing CX analytics operations effectively helps you create the best experiences that customers cherish and share with others.

But what does creating an amazing customer experience analytics look like exactly? These quotes can give us a little bit of insight into what different people consider to be key aspects of customer experience. Plus, they're just really inspiring words to live by! :)

So check out these quotes about customer experience, and see if they inspire you to think a little differently about your marketing and business strategies. 

1) Kaela Kucera, Ecommerce Manager at Pierce Manufacturing

 “Partner with retailers to get the analytics on interactions with your products from the consumer standpoint. That will give you more insight on how consumers feel about your product, demographics on who is buying it, and gives you the opportunity to target the customer experience to dial in on that feedback.”  

Source:- Clootrack's 102 CX Expert report.

2) David Atkinson, Vice President, Data and Analytics at Sun Life

“Data analytics really helps us to interact with clients proactively and at a personal level, helping to give them nudges towards the right services and products that meet their needs at the right time. It also helps us better create a lower friction experience when purchasing products through accelerated underwriting and better price optimization against their specific needs.”

Source:- Data and analytics for the best customer experience

3) Rashmi Menon, Former FedEx Manager, Customer Analytics, and Strategy

“... we have to understand most of the data to really start getting the true customer experience because we want to delight that customer and that’s what we are really focused on. So, the data becomes huge right? The data is you know in billions of information that we are trying to this but if the data is structured well in these things and how we can map things, map those different data structures together, that’s the key win.”

Source:- Customer Experience Analytics With Rashmi Menon.

4) Stuart McDonald, Former CMO at FreshBooks

“Tracking marketing is a cultural thing. Either tracking matters or it doesn’t. You’re in one camp or the other. Either you’re analytical and data-driven, or you go by what you think works. People who go by gut are wrong.”

Source:- SaaS Marketers Reveal Why Analytics is Deathly Important to Their Business.

5) Jenny Sussin, Practice Vice President at Gartner

“CX stakeholders need to look at projects that are currently underway, which projects they want to achieve in a six-month timeframe, and which they want to develop over a long three-year period. A good place to start is with listening projects, where customer data and analytics are used to find the voice of the customer and identify where they are satisfied and dissatisfied.”

Source:- Turn Your Customer Experience Vision into Reality.

6) Bob Darin, Former Senior Vice President and Chief Data Officer at CVS Health

'"We are bringing data together and overlaying it with analytics, data science, and algorithms to better understand the most effective strategies and services for our customers.”

Source:- CVS Health Paves Path to Better Care With Data, AI.

7) R "Ray" Wang, Principal Analyst, Founder & Chairman at Constellation Research

“Organizations that fail to implement AI-driven smart services will fall behind. The lack of insights on what customers seek, or how machines operate, or even what behaviors are mission-critical in a network puts an organization at a disadvantage. Add the power of the graph and the neural nets, over time, organizations with AI will gain asymmetrical and geometrical advantages. The value of the insights and the ability to achieve situational awareness drive massive competitive advantage and enables a winner takes all market. There is no digital divide. Just winners and losers.”

Source:- Notes from Reality. An Interview with Ray Wang, Founder of Constellation Research. 

8) Brian Balfour, Founder, and CEO at Reforge

“As you gain fresh insight from your data, it opens the door to new questions. As you have new questions, you need to update your instrumentation and analysis. Saying the process is “done” is saying you understand every thing there is to know about your users, product, and channels.“ 

Source:- How You Battle the "Data Wheel of Death" in Growth.

9) Tim Linberg, Former Chief Experience Officer at Verndale

“We can influence and enable journeys, but we can’t absolutely dictate them. And, moreover, a truly customer-centric organization wouldn’t try to. What we can do, though, is leverage behavioral data, customer insights, experience design and marketing technologies to better understand and optimize every step of that journey.” 

Source:- What Is Customer Experience Management?

10) Eric Stine, Former Chief Innovation Officer at SAP North America

“Thanks to the prevalence of enterprise systems, companies are awash in operational data: inventory turns, employee attrition, churn. Linking that to the experience data that actually impacts customer journeys – net promoter score, customer satisfaction, sentiment analysis – provides the ability to drive meaningful change. Context matters. Companies need to understand three things: WHAT happens, WHY it happens, and HOW to either make it stop happening or make it happen more frequently.”

Source:- Who's Minding Your Customer Experience Gap?

11) Annette Franz, Founder, and CEO at CX Journey Inc.

“The more you have the right customer data – data that is contextually relevant and is consolidated and accessible to be used at the right time – the better the experience will be for your customers. But it’s not just enough to have the right data, you’ve also got to have the tools (such as customer data platforms to create a single view of the customer, journey analytics, and predictive and prescriptive analytics tools and capabilities) to understand, learn, adapt, and power all customer touchpoints, the technology (such as geofencing, facial recognition, and biometric sensors), and the people to apply the data in a relevant and contextualized way.” 


12) Michael Marcellin, CMO at Juniper Networks

“Great data makes great AI (and you can’t have AI without it). The ability to source and integrate customer data and feed it into usable algorithms has greatly increased marketers’ efficiency and, overall, has revolutionized many different facets of the marketing industry.  

The more data that is collected, the better AI can be and the more value it can deliver. While marketing automation is essential to running a scalable marketing operation, organizations must also implement analytics solutions to unlock the insights from the data that is fed through AI. Good data that is organized in a platform setup for analytics is foundational for fostering a data-driven marketing organization and informing key business decisions.“ 

Source:- MarTech Interview with Michael Marcellin, CMO at Juniper Networks

13) Tiffany Perkins-Munn, Head of Marketing, Data and Analytics at J.P. Morgan Chase

“By utilizing data analysis and leveraging consumer data, marketers will know exactly where they should be focusing their time to yield more returns. Analyzing the data and crunching numbers can be done via machine learning or artificial intelligence, making the process much easier for marketers.

Interpreting the data analysis to determine a focal point helps better use marketers’ time. It could also prevent companies from wasting money. For example, insights from data may show that a current campaign targeting customers on Facebook isn’t profiting as they hoped. So, they could end that campaign, regroup, and launch something more practical.”

Source:- Leveraging Data Analysis for Consumer Marketing Programs.

14) Ashley Ross, SVP, Consumer and Small Business Client Care Executive at Bank of America 

“Employees want to know how they’re doing, so provide them with the real-time feedback they need to succeed in their roles. Your employees are at the heart of your customer experience and on the front lines every day. They need to be supported with the right tools and resources to do their jobs successfully. Bring them into meetings, listen to their experiences and involve them in the decision-making process, so they play an active role throughout the process to improve interactions with your customers.” 

Source:- Bank of America’s Ashley Ross On The 5 Ways To Create a Wow! Customer Experience

15) Guan Wang, the Global Director of Marketing Intelligence at Snowflake

“In my point of view, there's a couple of, you know, really cutting edge solutions and nowadays with all talking about machine learning and AI. So that's, I believe is the really the cutting edge of the marketing analytics, you know, industry building a marketing analytics ecosystem that can bring all relevant marketing data and pair with the data from, from other business units or functions like sales, product finance, etc. And second example is leveraging cutting-edge data science algorithms and machine learning solutions to predict real-time business outcomes in a fully automated manner in a fully automated I meant no human interactions, all the predictions, all the results were automatically generated based on the engineering processes, you know, you, you have built.

And so the example here is building culture influence models to justify and just justify marketing campaigns and optimize the marketing investments based on the model you build. And then the last one I have in my mind is developing a recommendation system to support real-time business decisions. And that can be personalized to generate campaigns for, you know, for your target market or audience. So, you know, those are the four specific examples I have in my mind regarding the cutting-edge market analytics solutions.” 

Source:- Analytics x Marketing, with Guan Wang. 

Final Takeaway

We hope you found these customer experience quotes as inspiring as we did. The advice from the top experts in this field is invaluable, and if you can put even a fraction of it into practice, your customers will surely thank you. Use the given directions from these top experts to supercharge your customer experience analytics endeavors and do not forget to check our CX blog for more actionable tips, Here!