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A multinational Hotel and Resort brand (Hotel X) faced stiff competition in its niche market. To compete against its closest competitors and a host of other upcoming hotels, Hotel X had to find a way to optimize its customer experience to stand out and become the market leader.

Major obstacles

case study - major obstacles

Before discovering Clootrack, Hotel X faced several critical issues. Their traditional market research took months and they struggled to identify the right respondents due to diverse customer demographics. Designing efficient surveys with relevant questions was challenging, especially when searching for unknown aspects. Stakeholder disagreements and blind spots regarding customer expectations further complicated the process. Additionally, the online reputation management tools they used lacked a unified view, limiting their ability to make strategic decisions.

Rewarding solution

case study - rewarding solutions-1

To overcome these challenges, Hotel X turned to Clootrack for real-time consumer insights to stay competitive. Clootrack collected guest feedback from major online and first-party sources, including key competitors. The platform pre-processed and cleaned the data to remove noise and irrelevant conversations. Through detailed analysis, Clootrack identified key guest priorities and the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, providing Hotel X with actionable insights for strategic growth.

Promising result

Clootrack helped Hotel X to gain valuable customer insights in real-time, allowing it to act faster and operate more efficiently in the competitive market.

Here are some major impacts the Clootrack platform brought to Hotel X’s business:

  • The hotel identified categories where opportunities were present.

  • The brand identified specific branches in each region that had lower customer experience.

  • Back traceability to customer verbatim aligned stakeholders easily.

  • Had to do customer interviews/surveys only for very few points for a deep dive after the Clootrack Study.

  • Hotel X saved 72% in cost and 84% time in research.

  • Saw an Improvement in the positive customer reviews within 4 months, increasing sales.

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