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  • AI-driven platform to analyze Niyo’s customer’s concerns, boosting business growth

Bengaluru, India – 9th May 2022

Niyo Solutions, India’s fastest-growing consumer neo-banking platform, onboards Clootrack’s AI-driven, real-time customer experience platform.  The latter’s comprehensive intelligent customer experience analytics platform offers a fully SAAS model, gathers and analyzes billions of customer reviews to help enterprises understand “why” customer experience drops.

Clootrack will enable Niyo to aggregate data seamlessly across first and third-party touchpoints to analyze granular customer priorities for getting powerful insights, thus enhancing response time to serve the customer to a highly significant level.  Over 150+ worldwide clients, including Crompton, Tata CLiQ, Kotak Mahindra Bank & Kotak Life Insurance use Clootrack Insights. 

Niyo, which offers digital savings accounts and other banking services in partnership with banks, focuses on millennials and digital-savvy banking customers.

Niyo’s co-founder & CTO Virender Bisht said, “It has been our constant endeavor to offer our customers tangible value and a delightful experience.  Being one of the fastest-growing neo-banking fintech catering to four million customers across the country, it is crucial for us to be updated with the pulse of our millennial customers towards our product.  In this era, where customers are vocal on the internet, our association with Clootrack will help us address our customers’ concerns on a real-time basis and is a step forward to our business growth.” 

Shameel Abdulla, Chief Executive Officer of Clootrack, commented on the significance of the partnership, “We are proud to be associated with Niyo, at a time when the customer experience insights can herald transformational improvements in service offerings in financial and retail sector’s customers which enjoy a huge customer base.  We look forward to creating tremendous value and working together to redefine customer experience to a new level”. 

“Having been uniquely positioned to deliver world-class solutions to global and domestic clients, Clootrack empowers advanced granular qualitative insights with high accuracy to 150+ brands.  Clootrack’s powerful AI-driven engine gathers and analyzes billions of customer reviews to help companies make the most impactful brand decisions.  For Niyo, Clootrack’s AI capabilities will help with qualitative, strategic, and actionable insights to improve customer experience.  For a customer-centric client like Niyo, revolutionizing the digital banking services, Clootrack’s analytics will enable consistent and qualitative improvements in customer experiences and services.”, remarked Shameel Abdulla, CEO, of Clootrack.

“The attempt by brands to probe into individual elements of customer experience greatly enhances the brand’s key differentiation from its competitors. Unraveling customer pain points and genuine customer conversations is a key driver for deploying analytics by the brands. Actionable insights, augmented market research, and brand health monitoring are the core business benefits of real-time insights.”, said Shameel.