• Passengers are dissatisfied with customer service in the airline industry, with 67% of 14K passenger reviews for 'customer service' being negative. Complaints include long wait times, unhelpful chat lines, and lack of communication from complaints departments.
  • In-flight experience is a major concern for economy class passengers, with 84% of them reporting a negative experience compared to only 60% negativity from business class passengers. Airlines need to analyze passenger data to improve the morale of all passengers, not just those in business class.

Claymont, Delaware, April 17, 2023 / - A recent study by Clootrack of the airline industry, using 27K passenger reviews from 12 global airlines, including American Airlines, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Singapore Airlines, highlighted the delighters and significant concerns raised by passengers. 

The study highlights the importance of offering a seamless experience for passengers to improve loyalty, including excellent customer service, booking experience, refunds, lounge, boarding, and in-flight experience.

Key insights from the study include:

High Turbulence in Customer Service

67% of 14K passenger reviews for 'customer service' are a negative experience.

Passengers have widely criticized customer service in various airlines for its long wait times, unhelpful customer service chat lines, inability to answer questions, lack of escalation on calls, difficulty obtaining refunds, and lack of communication from complaints departments. Customers have also experienced rude and patronizing staff members who refuse to put them through to their superiors.

Flight Delays & Cancellations Leave Passengers Grounded 

The airlines industry hit by 76% negative perception due to flight disruptions

Passengers are concerned about flight delays and cancellations as it means long waiting times, difficulty rescheduling, no financial compensation, splitting up with a child during rescheduling, and rude customer service. Passengers worry about the mistreatment they experience due to late notification of their flight cancellation and the lack of assistance from airlines in providing lodging and other necessary arrangements. 

Show More Inclusivity in the Skies

In-flight experience gathered 84% negative sentiment from economy class passengers vs. a far lesser 60% negative sentiment from business class passengers.   

Flight delays (85% negativity) and boarding (63% negativity) are more significant concerns for economy class, while it does not appear in the top five concerns of business class passengers.  

The in-flight passenger experience between economy class and business class has a huge disparity, with 84% of economy class passengers reporting a negative experience compared to only 60% negativity from business class passengers. Airlines need to analyze the passenger data to uplift the morale of all passengers, not just those in business class. Airlines and passengers would benefit more from using customer analytics to improve everyone's experience in a shared atmosphere.

Opportunity in Adversity: Finding Good Amidst the Negative Reviews

Opportunities can often be found in adversity, particularly when it comes to negative reviews. While it can be disheartening to receive negative feedback, it can also be an opportunity to identify areas of improvement.  

In spite of flight disruptions, passengers have praised some airlines for their helpfulness in rebooking flights, providing meal vouchers and refunds, and keeping passengers informed. They also appreciate the efforts of the staff to make them feel comfortable and provide assistance with lost luggage. 

When a flight is canceled, passengers can still be happy if they are offered alternative flights, accommodations, refunds, food vouchers, and customer service that is helpful and respectful.  

Ready for Takeoff - The Future of Airlines

In the airline industry, delivering good passenger experiences can improve an airline's reputation and increase customer loyalty, ultimately contributing to the airline's overall success. Airlines must understand the needs and desires of passengers to provide memorable and personalized experiences. Finally, prioritizing the passenger experience can help airlines thrive in an increasingly competitive industry.