Claymont, Delaware, May 30, 2023 / – Clootrack, a leading AI-driven Customer Experience Analytics platform, today announced the launch of ProbeTrack, a groundbreaking AI-based solution designed to revolutionize the way market researchers analyze and derive insights from In-Depth Interviews (IDI). Featuring Generative AI, the latest addition to Clootrack's platform enables seamless analysis of large volumes of free-flowing, In-Depth Interview data in minutes, eliminating the grunt work traditionally associated with gleaning insights and reducing bias.

In-Depth, Interviews have long been a staple of Market Researchers looking to gain rich insights into customer perspectives, motivations, barriers, and habits. However, the process of analyzing the resulting free-flowing, unstructured transcripts has often proven time-consuming and laborious, making it challenging to scale. With the introduction of ProbeTrack, Clootrack addresses these challenges, enabling Market Researchers to effortlessly identify granular insights and focus their efforts on creating actionable strategies.

Shameel Abdulla, CEO of Clootrack, says, "We're thrilled to launch ProbeTrack, as it marks a significant milestone in Clootrack's mission to empower Market Researchers through AI innovation. ProbeTrack is a testament to the transformative power of Generative AI, enabling research professionals to significantly reduce the time spent on analysis while enhancing the depth and quality of insights they derive from IDIs."

By leveraging AI-powered natural language processing, ProbeTrack is replacing the need for weeks or even months of manual labor. This cutting-edge approach ensures that no significant insights are missed. It neutralizes the influence of researcher bias, enabling data-driven decision-making to be more effective and actionable than ever before.

With the launch of ProbeTrack, Clootrack is further cementing its position as an industry leader in AI-driven market research and transforming the future of Customer Experience analysis. Market Researchers everywhere can now reap the benefits of a streamlined process, making it easier to uncover vital insights and drive greater value for their organizations.

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