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One-click Integration With Public And
 Private Enterprise Data

Clootrack obtains open-ended customer conversations from a wide range of sources - Public and private enterprise data.

Public data sources include eCommerce sites, forums, blogs, social media etc. Private enterprise data includes customer care tickets, open-ended NPS surveys, website/app feedback and chat bots.

Clootrack functions with minimal configuration effort and supports 55+ languages.

  • zendesk
  • help scout
  • freshdesk
  • sales force
  • app store
  • ebay
  • google pay
  • tableau
  • google data studio
  • power bi
  • qlik
  • domo
  • zendesk
  • help scout
  • freshdesk
  • sales force
  • app store
  • ebay
  • google pay
  • tableau
  • google data studio
  • power bi
  • qlik
  • domo

Understand The Genuine Needs Of Customers
From Billions Of Customer Opinions

Our intelligence platform analyzes billions of customer opinions from all data sources in real-time to reveal topics that matter most to the customers.

Clootrack can distinguish between a high-quality review and a pointless comment. It understands the emotional intensity of the opinions to clearly identify customers’ pressing needs.

Understand The Genuine Needs Of Customers From Billions Of Customer Opinions
Identify Granular Insights And Be The First To Respond To The Changing Customer Priorities.

Identify Granular Insights And Be The First To Respond To The Changing Customer Priorities.

Clootrack has the ability to gain granular insights into customer demand, so as to better strategize product offerings and features.

Understand Your Competition Like Never Before. Detect New Entrants in The Market.

Understand Your Competition Like Never Before. Detect New Entrants in The Market.

Clootrack Platform offers actionable and competitive insights into what the competition is doing. With the highest accuracy, Clootrack can pinpoint on your competitors’ key brand drivers and detect new entrants in the market before anyone else.


Increase Your Team's Productivity While We Do The Hard Work!

Clootrack helps your team make smarter decisions faster by surfacing and sharing customer insights across the organization. Provides dashboards that you can drill-down to the data that matters to you.

Our platform can identify the most impactful brand decisions that can positively influence your customers and beat your competition while saving you time and money.

We Are Different

Market Research
Listening Tools
Data Science


Granular data drilldowns at subtheme, brands and SKU level

Design dependent

Manual keyword configuration makes granularity impossible

High technology barrier


90%+ accuracy on themes and sentiment

Researcher bias

Depends on keyword configuration

Dependable as custom developed


Refreshes as needed - weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.

Extremely slow to design and execute

Time consuming to configure keywords

Depends on implementation


Deep and actionable

Design dependent

Insight poor output



Affordable and cost-effective

Very expensive


Highly expensive


Used by businesses of any size

Difficult and Costly to scale


Depends on implementation


Supports 55+ Languages

Respondent dependent

Depends on language expertise of the admin

Depends on implementation


First party and third party/online data

Design dependent

Only online data sources

Depends on implementation


No effort on Keyword configuration

High effort to run a study

High effort to set up

High technical and product development effort

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clootrack?

Clootrack is a real-time customer experience analytics platform for B2C brands, management consulting and private equity firms. Clootrack helps you identify actionable qualitative insights that reveal the “why” behind customer experience. Clootrack presents a single view of customer experience based on customer feedback from diverse channels, both online and enterprise data.

Who uses Clootrack?

Clootrack is used by over 150 brands around the world in industries ranging from banking and finance, retail, D2C brands, hospitality and tourism, auto and transportation, utility services, management consulting, private equity and many more. Take a look at our case studies tto understand how brands use our platform to understand the why behind customer experience, real-time brand track, and competitive intelligence.

Is Clootrack free?

Clootrack provides its basic and enterprise pricing packages on request. You can request our pricing plans or request a demo to discuss how Clootrack can benefit your brand.

Can Clootrack Provide Real-Time Consumer Insights When Compared to Traditional Market Research?

Traditional market research tends to be too slow for today’s businesses, where things change rapidly over the course of the day. Traditional market researchers identify an opportunity, then go on to collect the needed information, and later formulate a strategy. 

Traditional market research is dogged by three basic issues:

1) Bias - Traditional market research is run based on questionnaires. The questionnaire design is driven by the knowledge of the researcher and can miss out on several important factors for the customer.

2) Long duration - Traditional market research takes months to complete, making it impossible to react to fast-changing market trends with traditional market research.

3) Cost -  Data-driven decisions need extensive research and study and need to be more frequent, making traditional market research very expensive.

Clootrack uses real-time consumer data that is easily and already available from various data sources. We can generate consumer insights within a matter of hours and further refresh it as needed to keep it the most real-time.

How many data sources does Clootrack monitor?

As much as it requires to analyze a category thoroughly.

Clootrack can monitor a host of data sources and is not limited to a defined set of sources. Online data sources supported are social media, eCommerce websites, review websites, blog comments, domain-specific sites, and peer-review forums.

Clootrack has extensive integrations to fetch data from internal enterprise data, including loosely coupled integration without APIs. Open-Ended NPS Feedback, CRM tickets, website/app feedback, email feedback, open-ended surveys, and customer suggestions.

Why does Clootrack consider the entire population of customer reviews and not just a sample?

A population of data represents a complete set. Whereas a sample is just a portion of the entire population. When customer reviews are extracted from digital sources, it is impossible to ascertain the total number of reviews available out there, and thereby choosing a portion from an unknown number is impossible.

Clootrack does not believe in taking a sample that is statistically meaningless. And hence we do not support making critical business decisions based on meaningless sampled data.

We at Clootrack rely on and gather customer reviews that are most updated and refreshed for accurate output. Considering the entire population gives our AI greater evidence to draw insights, thereby improving the quality of the output.

How is Clootrack different from other Brand Monitoring tools?

Brand monitoring is driven by the keywords configured for a purpose. Brand monitoring tools give general terms and sentiment associated with a brand. The insights provided has two main issues:

  • a) Data Sources: Prominent data sources where customer feedback is present are not covered by the tools. The insights are primarily driven by social media channels, which have more noise
  • b) Non Actionable Insights: Word clouds, or keyword driven theme buckets do not help to arrive at actionability.

Clootrack is designed to overcome these issues and make a true assessment of customer experience in real-time. Clootrack helps to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors in comparison with your own brand strengths and weaknesses.

Is Clootrack equipped to differentiate between a customer review versus an opinion?

A customer review can be rated in terms of number as a 4 star or a 5-star review. This will no doubt give an overall opinion. But within each review, there can be opinions that are either positive or negative.

Clootrack engine extracts opinions from reviews and identifies customer emotion against each of the opinions expressed. This helps you understand the nuances of customer expectations from your brand and competition.

Does the Clootrack engine require human intervention?

Yes, but to a very small extent. This is only done to take action in cases where the system raises alarms in case of any critical incidents that affect accuracy or performance.

Clootrack consciously avoids human intervention as chances of bias increases with human intervention. Our Artificial Intelligence engine is exceptionally sophisticated and is designed to function with minimum human supervision.

How is Clootrack AI different from Text Analysis?

Clootrack AI uses sophisticated text analytics under the hood to understand the voice of customers. The system is trained to understand customer conversations and derive meaningful qualitative insights.

Clootrack AI has 90%+ accuracy in understanding customer conversations. Plain text analytics tools are not able to extract granular insights with this accuracy.

This helps you base your decisions on solid data-driven insights and be confident of your decisions.

Can Clootrack detect fake reviews?

Clootrack has algorithms to detect fake reviews. Clootrack filters out bogus reviews before analysis, and the output is based on genuine reviews.

How is Clootrack different from social media listening tools?

Social media listening tools are designed to get responses to only a particular query that they are looking for. They have to configure a theme bucket to get it, which is query-based. There are severe language-dependent shortcomings that make the configuration ineffective in multiple languages. Social listening tools don't have AI capabilities to analyze. There are nuances where the qualitative study given by them is ineffective. Further, the data sources are limited. Further, the social media listening tools have been built for campaign management, making them ineffective in assessing qualitative customer experience.

This is where Clootrack’s AI makes the difference. Clootrack covers data sources both online and enterprise, which have humongous data on customer conversations. We can identify topics and sub-topics that are spoken by customers in an unsupervised fashion. This reduces the effort, makes the analysis effective and unbiased.

How do you manage to accurately aggregate data at an item level?

Clootrack aggregates the data from the bottom, starting from the item going all the way to the holding company. All the data that we collect is arranged around the category hierarchy. Holding company->Brand->Sub Brand->line item-> Item (SKU).

This kind of arrangement allows us to carry out detailed analysis at the brand level and will include all the items under the specific brand. This process is called ‘bucketing’ and involves careful assessment of the items included in each bucket.

Clootrack engine is designed to ensure that all reviews related to a specific item are grouped into the same bucket. Many times retailers assign different names though they are the same products. Our AI is designed to identify the specific items though they are named differently. This ensures that you get an accurate picture of the competition products.

Online customer reviews are growing by the day. Can Clootrack handle humongous data?

Yes absolutely. Clootrack AI has been designed keeping in mind the exponential growth of customer reviews. As Clootrack does not believe in sampling the data, we have built our AI with big data in mind.

Clootrack also supports aggregating and processing large amounts of enterprise internal data in the form of NPS response, CRM tickets, website feedback, chatbot feedback, and so on.

Clootrack platform has analyzed 10 billion+ customer conversions so far.

For which industries does Clootrack provide consumer insights research?

In today’s fast-changing world, all kinds of businesses are capitalizing on consumer insights. We have seen that the most successful brands depend on consumer insights research to design their business and marketing strategies. Clootrack research is ideal for B2C businesses or agencies and consultants working with these brands.

Clootrack platform is flexible to bring in specific insights and data manipulations as needed by your brand.

Clootrack has been extensively used by businesses in verticals such as banking and finance, D2C brands, hospitality and tourism, auto and transportation, utility services, and much more.

How Does Clootrack Deliver Data To Clients?

Clootrack clients get complete access to the web dashboards that carry the insights. Clients can segment and drill down the insights using the web dashboard and download raw data directly from the dashboard.

Clootrack does not share any personal identifiable information and is GDPR compliant.

Does Clootrack support any language other than English?

Yes! Clootrack supports 55+ languages, unifying conclusions across a wide segment of customers.

Does Clootrack need any technical requirements from the client’s side to run the analytics?

No, Clootrack does not require any special technical setup. Clootrack insights platform is super easy to set up and doesn’t involve a steep learning curve.

The complexity of many analytics and insights tools is that it needs you to get support from your internal Tech/IT department to implement it. Not just that, some tools need heavy investment to set up and a lot of time wasted in the entire setup process.

Clootrack is an easy platform that does not require any resources to configure or set it up from your side. Clootrack’s AI is intelligent and can perform data collection and data processing independently to derive actionable insights.

Is Clootrack GDPR-compliant? Is user data safe and secure with Clootrack?

Yes, Clootrack is GDPR-ready. Our services aim to help you understand and interpret customer experience anonymously, without personally identifying individual users. We are committed to respecting your online privacy. We further recognize your need for appropriate protection and management of any personal information you share with us—more info on our GDPR compliance page.

Does Clootrack offer Market Research Reports?

Yes, we do offer market research reports. Clootrack is a consumer insights company operating with an aim of providing the most powerful consumer insights to our clients and not limiting ourselves to data. We understand that our clients need a deep dive into the data for which they might not have enough time and resources. This is why Clootrack offers deep insights in the form of a market research report that can be customized to suit the needs of our clients.

Is it possible to apply the Clootrack AI engine to other tasks?

Yes, Clootrack’s AI can be applied to other tasks. As our AI is intelligent and built to tackle huge text data, it can be applied for analysis and classification of text, thereby apply it for other use cases. Clootrack AI has been created with the main goal of identifying customer experience insights using customer conversations. Nevertheless, for effective and accurate results, it has to be tailored to specific tasks.

Can we analyze NPS open ends using Clootrack?

Yes. Clootrack helps you understand actionable insights from NPS open ends. This helps you answer the whys of low NPS scores at touch points or a brand as a whole.

Impeccable Data Security

Impeccable Data Security

We are committed to protecting your data and ensuring that your data is safe and secure. We follow industry-standard security practices.

  • Clootrack GDPR Compliant
  • Clootrack ISO 27001

Case Studies

Salon & Spa Industry: Unlocking Growth Opportunities through Customer Insights

Executive Summary - Customer Experience Insights From the Salon & Spa Industry

Sportswear Industry: How Brands Can Leverage Customer Insights for Growth

Executive Summary - Customer Experience Insights From the Sportswear Industry

Decoding Guest Experience: Deep Insights Report of 29 Top Hotels in the US

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Global Airline Industry Trends: Customer Review Analysis of Top 12 Airlines Worldwide

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What Our Customers Say

We were looking for valuable product insights which were very difficult to obtain from large data dumps. Clootrack helped us to get powerful, strategic business insights to be brought to the surface.

Alexis O

Alexis O

ECommerce Manager at a Major Apparel Brand

We were looking at the personal care market to understand the motivations of Brand Switch in the category. What I liked about Clootrack is the smartness: it picks the right conversations and reviews for the analysis unlike a lot of tools I have used. There are zero invalid conversations.

Tania Dey

Tania Dey

Vice President CX Strategy, MullenLowe Lintas Group

We offer a lot of mediums for our customers to make their voices heard: product reviews, surveys, and a section where customers can write about their experience. We were looking for a platform that could create a more structured output from these channels. We had interactions and POCs with multiple vendors and Clootrack stood out with their ability to get meaningful output from the various unstructured customer input channels.

Shoeb Shaik

Shoeb Shaik

Process Excellence, Tata Cliq

We were trying to find brand associations in a quick manner. Clootrack is convenient, thoughtful, and quick. The best thing is their algorithm - they are able to take the intensity of emotion into account while analyzing online conversations.

Samdish C

Samdish C

Group Corporate Brand at a Multinational Automotive Brand

We were looking for a fast and cost-effective way of getting insights into our customers and the market. My favorite part of working with Clootrack is their technology engine. It has been a great way of getting insights for us, and it is quite cost-effective.


Strategy Head

of a Multinational Automotive Brand

I was looking for a company that could help me to answer questions in research in a much more authentic fashion, rather than going around with a questionnaire to people and asking them questions. This whole concept of getting into emotions and tonality of the emotions is definitely unique. The second part of the uniqueness comes through the fact that it is not just online conversations but also that we can take internal enterprise data whether it’s banking data or telecom or auto sector.


Principal Consultant

at a Global Consulting Firm

We have been doing NPS surveys for some time. However, the biggest issue has been convincing departments to take action on it. Because NPS questions are framed by business divisions and many times are biased to their understanding of business. Clootrack analysis brings out what customers want genuinely and is represented in verbatims. All business divisions oblige to take action on it as it is coming from the horses’ mouth.

Customer Insights

Customer Insights Head

at a Major Bank

When it comes to category understanding, the biggest challenge is where to start, what attributes to look at for your own brand and competition. There are several gaps that are left by listening and analytics tools. Clootrack helps clients find the drivers of conversation that are difficult to identify on social media. It helped us to streamline our social media conversation into relevant buckets.


Senior Group Head

Analytics at a Major Agency

There are many issues with respect to customer experience that most people in the company understand, but there are a few issues which only a few people understand and none of us knew if it was important to the customers. Clootrack was able to identify the issues that really mattered to customers.

Customer Insights

Customer Insights Head

at a Major Bank

150+ Enterprises Trust Clootrack

  • hsbc
  • TFG
  • Crompton
  • TATA
  • icici
  • MullenLowe
  • deloitte
  • wipro
  • mahindra
  • kotak

AI-driven CX Analytics
for Enterprises

AI-driven and real-time Customer Experience Analytics for enterprises that gives granular qualitative insights from real customer conversations.
Clootrack supercharges your customer experience to retain your customers and to increase your profitability.