After the covid-19 pandemic, many people are working along with their families at home. The irony is - This is exactly the time people are thinking more about ‘work-life balance'!

Because the line between ‘work’ and ‘life’ got blurred, many people started feeling burnout more than ever. We all know the drill. We spend most of our waking hours working so we can enjoy ourselves in our free time. But what happens when work starts to infringe on our personal lives? Or when we don't have enough time for either?

This is where the concept of work-life balance comes in. Work-life balance is all about making sure your professional and personal lives are in harmony so you're not too stressed out or burned out. It's not always easy to achieve, but it's definitely worth striving for.

How Clootrack Supports Work-Life Balance

We all want to have a good work-life balance, right? But sometimes, it's hard to know where to start, especially if you're feeling overwhelmed or like your job is taking over your life.

It Starts with Our Leadership!

Leaders are the ones who make the decisions and guide and instruct other employees. Taking the proper steps by the leadership will reflect in the other employees.

Encouraging employees to go on a vacation, understanding their mental health issues as necessary as physical health issues, and helping to manage the work and distribute to other employees appropriately when an employee needs to take time off for personal reasons will allow employees to trust and have a positive attitude towards the leaders.

Image_20221028_161802_915“I have generally been able to have a healthy balance between work and personal time, thanks to the supportive management that actually walks the talk when it comes to work/life balance. We may have to work late sometimes, but I feel that is a fair trade off considering the benefits offered by the company. Also the leave policy is pretty good, giving us opportunities to take time off when a break is needed.” - says Rubin Hanzel, Data Science - Team Lead.

Our leaders are indeed role models to their subordinates as they lead a balanced work-life in the first place. They go on vacations and encourage others to do the same to get good breaks and refresh. And make others feel that it is totally fine to get disconnected in work-related communications during that time.

Here, leaders encourage all to refrain from responding to emails, calls, or work-related activities after working hours and on weekends.

Recently, a viral social media post has depicted a person on vacation always hearing an office chat notification, zoom ringing, and some trauma around work. We don’t want our employees to have such hallucinations!

Remote and Flexible Work 

Remote and flexible work was valued and given priority by 95% of the Clootrack employees during a survey. They desire the freedom to choose their own schedules for work and locations. It comes as no genuine surprise.

Employees appreciate Clootrack for the freedom that it has given to manage their own time. When they know they may leave early to get their teeth fixed, or visit the school for parent-teacher meetings, knowing that their company values their work-life balance, employees feel valued at work.

Generous Leave Policy

Clootrack allows employees paid time away from work to enjoy their personal life. Clootrack decided to add compensatory off in addition to casual leave as a way to support people have work-life balance.

In addition to this, the generous sick leaves allow people to take care of themselves when they are down with sickness and deserve the much-required rest.

Also, our various policies, especially women-supporting policies, allow our employees to work seamlessly and take breaks when they are not physically and mentally healthy.

Anonymous Feedback for Improvement

It is crucial to understand that every organization is unique in its operations, personnel, clientele, etc. As a result, the practices and culture need to be customized for everyone in the organization in order to achieve a truly healthy work-life balance. Who better to ask for advice on employee benefits than the employees themselves?

Clootrack gives all an opportunity to submit their feedback or grievances in the form of anonymous feedback forms, asking them for advice on how the problem could be handled more effectively if there appears to be a struggle with work-life balance. Based on feedback, a lot of policies have been implemented newly or have been changed for the better of our people.

Bonding Beyond Office

And we encourage our employees to meet their colleagues outside the office and build friendly relationships. They need to get connected and comfortable with each other to make their work life more manageable. The annual vacation we conduct even more tightens this personal bond between employees.

This makes our employees think of these beautiful and happiest moments when they think about work life. Not that infinity mail threads, loads of work, or the client meeting next week.

If they are comfortable in their workplace, it will resonate with them in their time with family, kids, and friends.

Maintaining a Healthy Work-life Balance

“When it comes to Work-Life balance, Clootrack stands out from the crowd in providing great flexibility to its employees. We have adapted the online mode of working, which provides the employees with the option to work from anywhere. This is especially helpful for those like me who have found a balance in working from our homes. On top of this, Clootrack has implemented many other policies which enable the employees to maintain a healthy social life alongside work from home, like incentivising employee meetup once a month for the people from same cities, providing comp offs for late night urgent work and many more such initiatives. The opportunity to participate in fun activities at work and having a common call once a day to catch up with everyone from other teams is also an out of the box healthy workplace practice which boosts employee morale. All in all, Clootrack is doing a spectacular job in ensuring that their employees needs and wants are prioritized and that they can maintain a health work life balance.” - says Siddhant Khanna, Delivery Lead – Data and Insights Team.

Clootrack values our employees' family life and personal time. We know our people have families, kids at home, and many responsibilities other than work life. We always respect it and help to manage it better.