At Clootrack we believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance at getting their dream job. That's why we've built a hiring process that is both fair and transparent. We want to make sure that every candidate has an equal opportunity to showcase their skills and talents. 

Shrishti Sharma, Sr. Executive-Key Accounts at Clootrack says, "The interview process in Clootrack was really smooth. The HRs made it easy by explaining the complete process. Because of this effort, new joinees can quickly get up to speed and settle into their new roles."

Here's a look at how we've built a fair and transparent hiring process at Clootrack. 

Clootrack Interview Process

At Clootrack, we've built our hiring process around fairness and transparency. We want our candidates to know where they stand every step of the way. And we want employers to be able to find the best possible candidates, quickly and easily. So how does the Clootrack recruitment process work?

Stage 1:- Shortlisting

In the shortlisting stage, the HR team scrutinizes your application and shortlists you for the next stage by interacting and taking a small screening test over the call to ensure Clootrack is proceeding with the right candidate. 

1) On what basis are applications shortlisted? 

The HR department evaluates the profile based on the experience and qualifications for the role. When HR executives feel the candidate is not a right fit for the particular role he/she applied for but can be suitable for some other open role they refer the candidate to that position. And if the candidate shows interest, the HR team moves ahead with the process.

2) How can a candidate increase the chance of getting shortlisted?

A candidate can boost the chance of getting shortlisted by highlighting the skills relevant to the job. Candidates must read the job description carefully to understand if they have the required skills and exposure. Highlight key contributions they made in the past. Quantify their achievements and focus on mentioning their skills that will add value to the organization.

Stage 2:- Mettl Test 

The second stage consists of an online assessment examination to determine a candidate's cognitive capabilities. Below given are more details on this stage:-

1) Is this stage the same for all roles?

Yes, this is the same for all the roles, as it focuses on analyzing the candidate's behavioral skills and cultural fitment with Clootrack.

2) What is in the Mettl test that candidates can expect?  

The Mettl test is MCQ-focused on examining a candidate's soft skills. Candidates are asked multiple choice questions focused on analyzing how they will manage various situations at work or what best describes their skills as per the given questions.

3) How many questions this test has, and how long is it?

It consists of 114 MCQs with a 60 minutes time span.

4) What should candidates take care of while taking this test?  

The candidates should ensure reading the questions and options carefully before answering, as the questions might be tricky to solve because they are needed to be answered from the brand's perspective.

On crossing this stage, you will move forward to Role Specific Test.

Stage 3:- Role Specific Test

The HR executive provides a brief and guides a candidate seamlessly through this stage, as the test is based on the role the candidate applies for. Most positions involve a task related to the profession that analyzes the level at which the candidate is specialized in the field he wants to work. 

For example, for an engineering candidate, it will be a coding assessment, for a sales candidate, it could be a demo sales pitch, etc.

Stage 4:- Interview With the Manager

In the fourth stage, the manager of the respective departments takes video interviews to explore the competency of the candidate regarding the position and review if or not the candidate can add value to their respective teams and the company. 

1) What candidate can expect at this stage?

Managers generally ask questions that are domain-based to test the candidate's knowledge. A candidate can also expect a thorough discussion on previous projects. 

2) Tips for candidates to go through this stage successfully.

Candidates should possess the basic knowledge of their respective domain and check the JD properly to understand and present what they can contribute.  

Stage 5:- Interview With CEO

In the last stage, Shameel Abdulla, CEO at Clootrack, interacts and understands the overall experience of candidates, the projects and work they had done in the past, and general discussion on how the association will be mutually beneficial. Comprehending the expectations of the candidate from the employer and vice versa is the focus of the fifth and final stage. 

Jinu Nelson, who was recently hired for the position of Data Analyst at Clootrack says, "Interview experience in Clootrack was completely different and equally amazing. Interview was online. Interviewer was looking so professional and greeted me with a smile. I felt something positive. He asked job related questions and explained about the company as well. The overall experience was pleasant. This is the best interview that I have attended till now."

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