How to Create And Maintain Positive Customer Perception?


5 Ways To Create And Maintain Positive Customer Perception

Positive customer perception is very critical for the success of a business. When a brand is powerful, it enhances the customer’s attitude toward a brand. Satisfied customers develop a positive perception of a brand, and they start building loyalty.

Here are 5 ways to create and maintain a Positive Customer Perception of Your Brand:

1. Develop an emotional connection with your customer


Having strong relationships with your target customers while they make a purchase decision is most important in building an emotional connection.

Understanding your customers’ emotional drives will create a bond with the customers. Emotion motivates people and can be varied — for example,  when a person is browsing through a fashion blog, he might be experiencing a fear of missing out on the latest trends. Whereas, a business executive who is surfing through the latest AI innovations is looking for a technology that excites him.

The different target markets will have different emotional drives. Brands have to spend time identifying the emotional drives of their potential customers.  

2. Play with the right colors


Colors have a strong and powerful effect on people’s emotions. Further, these emotions have a significant role in how people behave as consumers.

When a brand chooses a color for its logo design or product, it becomes the fundamental element. It strengthens a brand’s personality. 

As per research by Colorcom, “Consumers make a subconscious judgment about a person, environment, or product within 90 seconds of initial viewing. And 62% TO 90% of that judgement is based on colour alone.”

Further brand recognition can be improved up to 80% by compelling usage of colour in marketing campaigns, packaging and logo.

3. Develop the right pricing strategy

lic It's quite evident that people think Amazon is the cheapest option for buying any products. No wonder Amazon has occupied almost half of the US e-commerce market share. But the truth is that Amazon is doing a good job in offering the best price deals for many of the popular products. But it may not be good at many other products.

How did customers build this perception? How do customers relate to Amazon as a destination for the cheapest price deals?  Well, a key to the company’s success is in developing the right pricing strategy. The pricing strategy should set flexible prices that are based on competition, current demand, and supply.

While a very low price might develop a cheap image of the product, a high price needs to be substantiated by the best quality. 

4. Build Consistency


Building and sustaining customer perception is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time. Consistency is exceptionally powerful to build a strong customer perception, especially when consumer choice and confidence is increasing. 

Customers are expecting to have a wonderful experience with each individual interaction with the brand. Just being great in a particular department will not create a positive perception in the mind of the customers.

For example, in a research conducted for Banks, there was a strong correlation noticed between consistency in each customer journeys and customer perception. In a research, an undercover research team visited 50 bank branches and contacted 50 call centers. It was very evident in the results that the bank experienced negative perception when there was high variability in customer journey.

Therefore maintaining consistency throughput the customer journey is key to build a positive customer perception.

5. Social Listening


Product reviews on social media can make or break a perception! When you are aware of people talking about your brand, product, competitors and topics relevant to your business on social media, it results in social listening. An important aspect of social listening is the response, without which it will turn out to be just social monitoring.

With the help of social listening, you can easily collect information about customer interests, likes and dislikes, brand that they support, influencers that they follow and much more. The opinions and behavior of your audience provides valuable source of information for the growth of positive customer perception. The opinions, patterns, and customer insights gained from the social media listening should be able to give you enough information to create strategies that build positive perception. 

Customer perception is a feeling!

It begins from the first touchpoint. And every single positive touchpoint goes on to make a lasting impression in the mind of the customers. Each step of the customer journey should be planned to strengthen perception.