US Bed Linen Case Study: Customer Experience Analytics to Discover Preferences of Customers

Customer experience

To help brands establish connections and stand out from the competition, it’s not enough to employ tools and technology to give a customized experience on a website; they must also establish and assess their emotional effect across all channels. 

US Bed Linen – Identify the top priorities of customers

The case study provides rich details on how companies can deploy customer experience analytics to identify the factors that lead to a great customer experience.

This study is based on 9000 customer conversations from different sources such as eCommerce websites, review websites, and social media.


Four leading eCommerce bed linen brands from the USA were considered for this study.

The main aim of this case study was :

  1. To gain a better understanding of the bed linen customers in the USA
  2. To identify the priorities of bed linen customers
  3. To understand the top drivers of bed linen in the US

Brands that perform such studies will be able to strategize marketing activities, plan entry into new markets, design market expansion plans, and other business plans by understanding the factors driving growth in the market.

Furthermore, companies can understand major competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, thereby gaining the ability to respond accordingly to the moves of the competition.

A huge amount of customer data was collected and analyzed by Clootrack, a customer experience platform, to list the top 5 drivers that make customers adopt bed linen.

It is interesting to see the themes of discussion in the customer conversations.


One of the customers says,

“So soft and smooth against skin, not rough or scratchy at all…felt good even as I pulled them from the package, and after the initial wash, I love them even more.” 

The analysis of the customer conversations, clearly proves that customers lay the highest significance on the ‘feel’ of the bed linen.

The other factors that truly matter to the customers are the size of the linen, quality, and price.

Not just this, the study also conducted a brand comparative analysis of 4 leading linen brands in the USA.

This case study of the US bed linen allows brands to compare and contrast the factors, and check where they stand compared to their competitors.

So what can the linen brands infer from this?

Clearly, the brands can see for themselves how they are performing against each of the drivers. This gives insight and a direction for brands to streamline their product and marketing strategies.

Armed with customer experience analytics, customer experience leaders are sure to gain rapid insights into factors that make customers happy. They will be equipped to see the world through the customer’s eyes and to revamp business functions to create value in a customer-centric way.