Men’s Apparel: 3 Booming Opportunities Based On Voice Of Customer

October 2018

Category Analysis Men’s Shirts

Region – USA

The global men’s wear market size was valued at USD 483.0 billion in 2018. Market research expects CAGR of 6.3% during 2019-2025. There is a huge consumer shift happening and consumers are demanding trend and innovation in the market place. It’s time that shirt manufacturers embrace the consumer choices and deliver greater range of options for fashion conscious consumers. In this report we offer insights for men’s shirt manufacturers who can align their offerings according to the trends and fashion in the market.

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The analysis is based on customer reviews and conversations online in the segment. The analysis results presented are completely unbiased and not based on any subjective judgement. The source data used for the analysis are user conversations available publicly online like public forums and social media.


Total number of customer conversations analyzed

Executive Summary –  Key Takeaways



Men’s Apparel Industry Overview

Men’s Apparel Industry Growth Drivers 

The men’s apparel market is seeing significant growth due to increasing fashion consciousness among millennial men. Fashion designers have started to focus on the masculine aspect as men are becoming more aware of fashion while having the potential to bear higher prices. The growing purchasing power of men in the US has led to the growth of apparel companies.  

The Internet has fueled e-commerce. A boosted exposure to high-end brands and rare fashion wear has led to increased demand in the US. 

Growing disposable income has led to higher consumer spending. The trend of customers gravitating towards online shopping has increased. The convenience that online shopping offers is leading to higher sales.


3 Booming Opportunities Based On Voice Of Customer


Voice of Customer provides a detailed understanding of the customer’s requirements, a common language for the team going forward in the product development process, a key input for the setting of appropriate design specifications for the new product or service, and a highly useful springboard for product innovation.” As defined by Abbie Griffin and John R. Hauser in a 1993 MIT Marketing Science paper, titled “The Voice of Customer.” 

VoC is a process used by organizations to capture and collect customer requirements/feedback through different sources.  Social media, online forums, customer care tickets, websites, etc. are important sources of information. This data is collected to further analyze and take actions based on the expectations of the customers. 

In today’s era, customers are highly demanding than ever before. VoC is evolving as a measure to keep up with customer expectations. Companies have realized that listening to customers and rolling out actions based on the VoC is the first essential step toward Customer satisfaction. 

The Voice of the Customer plays a critical role in driving company-wide efforts to deliver value and happiness to customers. Customer preferences are driving the men’s apparel industry in the USA. There are radical changes infiltrating the way men dress today. With the changes, the manufacturers are having a tough time keeping up with the changes. 

Based on 5,749 online customer conversations, Clootrack has put together a report that shows factors that will trigger future growth for the Menswear industry in the USA. 

1. Fitting of the Shirt

Comfort in clothing is one of the most important attributes of textile materials. Consumers buy shirts not just for fashion but for comfort as well. While consumers buy shirts depending on its design, color, and size, a very important factor is its fitting.  As per online customer conversations, shirts that fit perfectly, are available in a slim fit, and the classic fit are their favorite choices. 

2. Range of Designs

Checks, long stripes, and horizontal stripes have been the favorite and dominant patterns in men’s shirts for a long time now.  But modern consumers are not satisfied with just checks and stripes. They are looking for new varieties and iterations of the stripes and checks. Men are stepping out of their comfort zone and want to try out different colors and designs. Manufacturers should go a step ahead and experiment with vertical stripes, horizontal stripes; diagonal stripes, pinstripe, and dashed designs to add more variations to the basic designs.

3. Quality of the Fabric

Fabric is an important essence of fashion. A good quality fabric is what makes a good quality garment. Consumers are looking for a quality fabric that can provide a unique definition to the shirts that they wear. Manufacturers should offer shirts with good quality fabric that are durable and will remain well even after many washes.


Brand Equity

Brand equity is an indicator of the company’s strength and performance, specifically in the public markets. In simple terms, brand equity describes brand value. Brand value is determined by consumer perception, which is a combination of knowledge and experience towards a brand and its products. The perception that a consumer segment holds towards a brand directly results in either positive or negative effects. 

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Top 3 Emerging Trends

Men’s shirts form part of the apparel industry which has to gear up to the changing times to stay relevant in the industry and to match with customer trends and demands.  Manufacturers of shirts should offer high-quality fabrics and diverse designs that can blend well with the latest fashion trends. It is important for manufacturers to understand the emerging trends in the men’s shirt industry. Here are the top 3 emerging trends that can help manufacturers to identify variations in the fashion industry.

1. Online Customization Of Shirts

The future of fashion is tailor-made goods. Consumers today just want to pick a product of their choice and customize it their way. As per market research, 49% of Americans prefer customized clothing and are fascinated by custom-made shirts. Consumers want to have made-to-measure shirts and this trend will influence the fashion industry as a whole.

2. Organic And Ethical Source Of Material

The content of a garment’s fabric matter most to consumers. A fabric is considered ethical when it is socially or environmentally beneficial. The latest trend observed in the shirts industry is the preference for fibers that are extracted from plants and animals such as cotton, linen, wool, and silk.  Consumers are looking for shirts that are made in the most eco-friendly way possible so that they can reduce environmental damage.

3. Stain And Dust Proof Material

Consumers are longing to have a nice lunch or dinner without having to worry about stains on their favorite shirts. Manufacturers are creating clothing that repels everything from dust, stains of oil, coffee, tea, alcohol, ink, tomato ketchup, etc. Manufacturers are using nanotechnology that creates a completely sustainable fabric that can be used for shirts.

Detailed Report

With the help of real customer feedback, it is easier to augment product offerings and marketing strategies. When companies are making changes and improvements based on realistic expectations of the customers, it improves customer service. Customers are talking about factors that delight them and bring the wow factor.

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