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110 Consumer Electronic Products Gaining & Declining in Interest Amid COVID-19 In USA

Category Analysis – Consumer Electronics

Region – USA

COVID-19 has changed the daily life of people around the world in ways that would have been unthinkable a few weeks ago. As consumer-facing organizations are trying hard to find their way out of the COVID-19 crisis, it becomes important to keep in mind that the consumers are already evolving at a great speed. 

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During these unprecedented and uncertain times of COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people are now at home and are going online to purchase products or services. While the COVID-19 continues to impact many sectors, Clootrack took a look at how the demand for electronic products changed during COVID-19 vis a vis previous period. Consumer behavior is changing fast due to the latest developments. We will continue to obtain further information on how it evolves with the new normal. The insights below are based on consumer search behavior online, which has been the most prominent channel for consumers during COVID-19.


Changing Interest in Consumer Electronic Products During COVID-19 

Consumer search behavior is a clear reflection of priorities that people are placing on their purchases. The way consumers are searching online has changed. Social distancing is resulting in drastic changes to click behavior across sectors such as banking, electronics, hotel, travel, and many more. 

While the COVID-19 crisis is unfolding its impact on Consumer behavior, consumer-facing companies have to urgently learn the art of anticipating the changing consumer buying patterns. Leaders need to understand and track emerging consumer behavior and sentiment around the world.

It will be months before the situation comes back to normal. Businesses have to adapt to the changing needs of the customers – for which it is essential to understand customer-specific requirements based on consumer behavior.



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