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In this digital age, mobile apps and digital specifications contribute significantly to the overall customer experience in any industry since they provide so much convenience in many ways. The energy utility industry also requires improving its digital side to enhance the customer experience apart from the consistent and uninterrupted power supply, like giving a robust app to enhance the experience. Precisely an option to track energy consumption and a detailed report can lift customer experience to the next level. Because customers always like to be in control of their usage and consumption. Utilities can bridge the gap between customers and their energy consumption by offering this tab, creating a seamless and personalized experience. 

Leaders in the industry should regularly tap into customer reviews and insights to understand what customers want and where they lack to satisfy customers. Because guesswork may help gather customers' most common concerns and delighting factors, to give an extraordinary experience, you need to cover all nuances in their experience. 

Clootrack has analyzed around 15000 customer reviews of 25 electric utility service providers in the USA and found many interesting and unexpected insights. 

Giving Customers Control: The Power of Real-Time Consumption Monitoring

The analysis found that customers increasingly seek ways to monitor and control their energy usage. In response to this demand, energy usage reports have emerged as a valuable tool.

 list of actionable from the customer review analysis

This is the list of actionable from the customer review analysis that shows areas where the service providers are doing well in delivering customer experiences and where they are currently lacking in satisfying customers. Leaders can ponder over these and consider the areas for improvement while continuing and improvising the areas in which they already do well.

Let's explore the factors of energy usage reports that make customers happy:

1. Transparency and Control 

Energy usage reports provide customers with clear and easy-to-understand information about their energy use. By tracking their usage on a daily or hourly basis, customers can gain a better understanding of their energy consumption patterns. Additionally, these reports may include projected bill amounts, allowing customers to anticipate and plan for their energy expenses. This transparency gives customers a sense of control over their energy usage and will enable them to make adjustments as necessary to meet their energy-saving goals.

2. Detailed Breakdown

Energy usage reports provide customers with detailed breakdowns of their energy usage. These reports allow customers to see how much energy they use in different areas of their homes or businesses, such as heating, cooling, lighting, or appliances. Customers can identify spikes or patterns indicating inefficient use or potential energy-saving opportunities by tracking their energy usage over time. 

3. Estimated Bill Feature

Energy usage reports often include an estimated bill feature that updates daily based on the customer's usage. This feature lets customers see the approximate amount of their next energy bill, helping them manage their energy budget effectively. By readily making this information available, customers can adjust their energy consumption and avoid surprises when their bill arrives. This feature promotes financial stability and empowers customers to take proactive steps toward energy conservation.

4. Comparative Usage

Some energy usage reports offer features such as comparative usage, which allows customers to understand their energy efficiency compared to previous years or similar households. These reports may provide information on energy usage trends and benchmarks, enabling customers to identify areas where they can improve their energy efficiency. 

Check what customers say,

"i am able to track my electric usage and able to view and pay my current bill."

"it helps me with understanding my bill, outages and fun facts to saving energy."

"easy to use and navigate. gives real-time updates on current status and outages."


Energy usage reports provide valuable insights to enhance customer experience by offering transparency, control, detailed breakdowns, estimated bill features, and comparative usage information. These reports empower customers to make solid decisions about their energy consumption and take steps toward energy conservation.

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