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You must have read all the books about customer experience and yet haven’t had success in creating the right kind of engagement to improve your consumers’ experience while using your products and services. There is no single way in which you can win your customer’s heart. When it comes to customer experience, you generally would learn from your own experiences. 

This article features the best selection of videos that you must watch to work on customer experience. Through these videos, some of the greatest innovators and leading thinkers present their thoughts on customer experience in a beautiful yet effective way.

1. Hug your Haters – Jay Baer


This video by Jay Baer highlights how you can use customer complaints as an opportunity to improve customer experience. He talks about how important it is to respond to customer complaints, where and why the customers complain, and how you can amp up your market play by improving your customer service.

This video by Jay Baer is so engaging and entertaining that it can quickly help any customer service team level up their service while embracing the negative reviews by customers.

2. Customer Service vs Customer Experience – Jeff Tobe


Nowadays, we see how all companies are striving for loyal customers and not just satisfied customers. So, to attain customer loyalty, you need to pay attention to all the touchpoints between your company and your customers.

This video by Jeff Tobe explains how you can transform the simple process of goods and services exchange into a carefully planned out interaction with your customers. It talks about how you must never leave anything to chance as that would be the only way you will get a loyal base of customers who would want to use your services and products again and again. 

3. Dealing with an Unsatisfied Customer – Gary Vee


In this video, Gary Vee concentrates mainly on how you need to deal with angry customers and gives plenty of options. He’s currently the CEO of VaynerMedia, which is an advertising agency. This goes on to show that he knows what he is talking about in his videos.

Short videos like these are always known to create maximum impact on your target audience when done right. If you are looking for a YouTube video editor to make such short videos for your business, you must check out InVideo.

4. Examples of How to Easily Wow Customers – Adam Toporek


If you are in customer service, you will strive to attain the “Wow” reaction from your customers daily. Such moments signify extraordinary service and leave an everlasting impression on the customer and even the company. This video explains that when you focus on the small moments to make customers happy, attaining the grand “Wow” moment is not that difficult.

Adam Toporek shares three insightful examples of creating “Wow” moments with little cost and effort. 

5. Choice, Happiness, and Spaghetti Sauce – Malcolm Gladwell


Although most customer service teams are run by the idea of “The customer is always right”, this does not work every time in every situation. What if you are faced with an instance where the customer has no clue about what they want? You cannot always know what they want just by asking all the time. You need to anticipate your customer’s tastes and cater to them without asking them about them.

Malcolm Gladwell explains this idea in the video by examining Prego’s spaghetti sauce being opened up to a new palette.  

6. Put Your Staff First – Richard Branson


Richard Branson urges companies to always put their staff first before customers and shareholders. When you keep your staff happy, your customers will be satisfied, and your shareholders will end up doing extremely well.

This video is of 2016 when Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, was called for an interview with Inc. to discuss the top-class customer service provided by Virgin. In this short video, you can see him explain his philosophy while also giving out a few pointers to master management techniques.

7. Customer Service Secrets that Made Zappos Successful – Tony Hsieh


Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, talks about how his customer service team uses no scripts when they converse with the customers and speak to them for as long as their customers like. This video is shot when he sat down for an interview with Business Insider to discuss some key customer service pointers that helped him make Zappos successful.

He debunks the myth surrounding some of the most popular techniques used to train customer service reps. He encourages the customer service team to gauge the interactions based on their judgment and can do wonders for your company.

8. Customer Experience – Steve Jobs


Apple is a well-known company that has designed its products and services keeping its customers in mind. This is what set the company apart from its competitors in the 80s and still drives its sales several years later. This old video displays the outlook of Steve Jobs when it comes to customer experience. He discusses his customer service philosophy that helped him drive the success of Apple.

9. How to Provide Extraordinary Customer Service – Mark Sanborn


Mark Sanborn wrote an incredible book, The Fred Factor, which became an international bestseller within no time. Mark Sanborn can be seen speaking about the key aspects of customer service in this video. He draws inspiration from Fred Shea, who is a postman in Denver.

Mark Sanborn talks about how he excelled at his ordinary job and impacted millions with his extraordinary performance. He draws focus on how impactful and memorable customer service can be. 

10. How to Have a Good Conversation – Celeste Headlee


Celeste Headlee, an American radio journalist, author, and public speaker, tells how to have a better conversation. Chick-fil-a is one of the popular food chains in America and has gained popularity for its excellent food and fantastic customer service.

The employees of this food chain direct their efforts toward making their consumers feel appreciated and welcome. This makes the customers want to head to the nearest Chick-fil-a outlet again and again. When such interpersonal skills are applied across different company branches, the company’s relationship with the customers goes beyond the product offering. 

And that’s a wrap!

The above videos display real-life struggles and experiences that have led each of these iconic industry leaders to attain greater heights of success. You can make use of the information given in these videos to improve customer experience to the maximum.

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