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A prominent player in the instant coffee industry, X manages several brands, including Brand A, Brand B, Brand C, and Brand D. Among these, Brand D holds the prestigious status of being the company's premium brand. However, following a recent relaunch featuring multiple alterations for Brand D, sales for it began to decline.

Conventional market research methods failed to pinpoint the cause of this downturn. Moreover, different sets of survey results offered conflicting explanations, rendering the analysis inconclusive.

Major obstacles

case study - major obstacles

Coffee manufacturer X faced several critical challenges before discovering Clootrack solutions. They needed to analyze the causes behind Brand D's sales slump to inform product decisions and strategic marketing activities. X also recognized that making changes without concrete data could lead to significant financial losses, necessitating unbiased insights to identify actual problems. Additionally, X sought to avoid prolonged departmental coordination due to inconclusive insights, aiming to save time and costs during lead times.

Rewarding solution

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Clootrack collected customer feedback and complaints from multiple channels, including the website, customer care, and store feedback, for all four brands (A, B, C, and D). The platform analyzed this data over six months, with a particular focus on Brand D, to identify customer sentiments and concerns.

Clootrack also forecasted the impact of potential changes by identifying adoption drivers and uncovering correlations among various factors for Brand D. Unbiased insights were obtained, revealing the primary positive and negative themes discussed by customers, allowing X to make informed, data-driven strategic decisions.

Promising result

The Clootrack platform enabled the coffee brand to implement critical changes that directly influenced customer decisions. The adjustments based on Clootrack's analysis led to a favorable outcome for Brand D, ultimately restoring its reputation with consumers.

Below are significant impacts that Clootrack's services had on the coffee manufacturer X's business:


The brand decided to reverse one of the changes they made to their blend.


A new campaign was introduced with a primary focus on highlighting the taste aspects of the product. The campaign leveraged nuances derived from the Clootrack report, incorporating messaging such as "classic taste" and "same taste forever."


The positive shift in brand perception was reflected in the sales performance, as sales of Brand D went up in 3 months following the implementation of these strategies.

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